Since its founding in 2014, the Habitat Association helped numerous animals that were injured and wounded.

Most of them were dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, multiple protected birds and even one pig.

The association mostly deals with castrations and finding home for abandoned dogs, nourishing numerous bird species and returning them to nature etc. Our association is always available to answer any questions regarding animal help.

We are funded with the donations made by our visitors and the donations we got from our 2017 calendar.

All castrations, treatments and nourishments are funded exclusively with the donations.


Up to 7 hours of active play and socializing under professional supervision by volunteers of the Habitat association, and other animal lovers. For a proper and healthy socialization, your dog will be able to play with dogs of similar behavior.


Up to 7 hours: - 35 kn (for castrated dogs)

               - 45 kn (for uncastrated dogs)


Habitat offers your pet an all-day entertainment while having fun, socializing playing with volunteers from the Habitat association and other pets. Our priority is the safety, comfort and happiness of your pet.


 12 hours: - 50 kn (for castrated dogs)

               - 60 kn (for uncastrated dogs)


Habitat offers your pet safety and supervision throughout the whole day, and overnight stays in spacious and comfortable box-shaped stalls made out of natural materials. Our stalls also have heating and an air conditioning system.


24 hours: - 75 kn (for castrated dogs)

               - 85 kn (for uncastrated dogs)



*Females in estrus: 120kn

* 50% of the total offer is payable in the moment of bringing your pet, 50% on departure

*Pet transportation to Habitat and back: 10 kilometres = 50 kn

* * Booking your time slot: 30% of the total offer


* Pets who spend more than 20 consecutive days in Habitat have an extra discount.

*Holiday prices:

    - Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter: the price of the service is increased by 70%

    - Other holidays: price of the service is increased by 40%

*Renting a 3000 m2 fenced yard where you spend time with your pet: 1 hour = 50 kn

*PRICE LIST is subject to change, depending on different needs and/or requirements.